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Need Green Packaging? Two Words: FastTrak FlexiPack

- April 2, 2012 5:39 am

“Green” Pouches in Four Months or Less

Green PackagingSalsa in a re-sealable pouch? Yep.

Not only are pouches more convenient to open and close than a jar that you need a vice to open, but also the manufacturing cost of pouches is a fraction of glass—especially important if you’re a consumer products manufacturer like La Buena Cocina who needed costs to be low in order to be sold profitably at the dollar store.

And this new pouch-based packaging was brought to market in under 16 weeks. How is this possible? Two words: FastTrak FlexiPak.

FastTrack FlexiPak is the name of the rapid development process of creating new pouches to replace bottles, cans and other materials that cannot be recycled.

This process was developed by EnVision Flexible Packaging and Coyote Kitchen. EnVision is a national leader in turnkey packaging solutions for consumer product manufacturers. Coyote Kitchen is a supplier of bottled sauces, salsa and salad dressings and provides the product manufacturing and packaging ability of FastTrak FlexiPak.

The result is a quality package that allows product manufacturers to have the environmental advantages of a pouch, such as using water-based inks which have less than five percent volatile organic compounds (VOCs) compared with solvent-based inks containing 40-65% VOCs. Additionally, the new pouches produce a sparkling package that captures attention in the marketplace while minimizing expenses of such package upgrades. This is in keeping with EnVision’s commitment to “encouraging environmental stewardship one package at a time.”

Now, if they could only come out with an orange juice carton that doesn’t spray in my face when I pull the plastic tab…