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B2B Podcast Marketing Recommendations

- May 11, 2024 5:10 pm

B2B Podcast Marketing & Promotion Recommendations

If you can justify the signifiant amount of time needed to recruit guests and record them, podcasts are an additional way to share thought leadership, increase brand awareness, and generate leads – and video podcasts are even better because you can promote them in all the ways you promote podcasts and videos.

Below are recommendations for getting the most out of this effort – since we are not podcasting experts, we are focused more on how to effectively promote it with the right level of external support, plus other recommendations that could help increase lead generation for you.

Recording & Production

Subject Matter

  • Identify subjects where you can offer unique thought leadership
  • Guests are recommended – especially those with their own podcast and are willing to help promote yours
  • Up to 20-25 minutes in length is recommended (at least at first)



  • Title/name
  • Description
  • Original cover art (3,000 x 3,000 pixels in PNG or JPG)
  • Name of host(s)
  • Website
  • Selected category(s)
  • Primary language
  • Episode titles within 20 characters and description
  • If you need help creating your podcasts, one of our clients uses Rivet360



  • Create a web page to promote the podcast video series and each episode – TubbTalk example
  • Create a web page for each podcast video to include the video (possibly with audio-only track if they don’t want to watch the video), intro and conclusion narrative, and a transcript of the podcast (lightly edited) – PM example
  • Post each podcast video to YouTube to include the transcript used in the blog; you can also post to a free profile on Dailymotion and Odysee for some search engine optimization (SEO) value
  • Promote each podcast video to prospects and clients over email to be sent from your email management system and to include an image of the video (you can’t embed a video in an email) with a description of what’s in it that links to the blog; emails promoting videos tend to get 3x the number of clicks
  • Develop a video podcast home page feed as a new content band to promote the latest 2-4 podcasts – it’s good to launch your podcast with three episodes


The following is how a marketing partner can support your podcast efforts:

Initial Support

  • The name for the podcast series and ideas for initial batch of episodes and guest candidates
  • The video podcast intro and outro graphics and music
  • Podcast web page, episode page, and home page update
  • A press release to promote the series
  • A report to capture traffic and interactions for each episode

Ongoing Support

  • Developing episode ideas and guest candidates
  • Editing and production of each episode and creating the transcript
  • Uploading the episode to your website and external video sites
  • Publishing each episode on the podcast sites
  • Repurposing each new episode on social media
  • Launching an email to promote each episode
  • Monthly reporting on traffic and interactions for each episode

Get Started Today

If you need help developing and/or promoting your B2B podcast, contact us today.

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