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6 Criteria for Identifying the Best Fit Web CMS

- February 22, 2022 11:19 am

6 Criteria for Identifying the Best Fit Web CMS

Are you looking to develop a new website but aren’t sure what to build it on?

How confident are you that you’re on the best fit website content management system (CMS) for you organization? Thinking about migrating?

Whether you’re looking to migrate your website or develop a new one, here’s a quick guide for helping you identify what to look for in a new web CMS.

Create & Edit Content in Seconds (All Users)

Your CMS should enable you to creating and edit content without having to be a website developer and/or know HTML. For this to be possible, you need a user-friendly interface, starting with an ability to quickly select a theme or use a template that matches your brand so you can instantly start creating content without a developer. Or, you can have a developer set up the theme for you and then you take it from there.

Easily Change Page Layout & Design

Many CMS options require a developer to edit page layout or design, so you’ll want to look for one that enables you to easily drag-and-drop modules within a page and setup the perfect layout. In addition, you’ll likely want the ability to create and lock brand settings to make sure pages and content stay consistent across all pages.

Streamline Workflows with CRM Integration

Your website is your public face, 24/7 salesperson and nexus of your marketing so, whether an important customer is stopping by, or a first-time visitor, you’ll want to pass all relevant information bi-directionally between your CMS and CRM. This means that your entire organization can help put the customer first and have a single record of every interaction with that person. If email management and marketing automation are integrated, you’ll have a 360° view of all customer and prospect information.

Tailor the Customer Journey

Being able to personalize your website content to each visitor can help your message resonate more powerfully, especially when developed using the brand story framework, but this is only possible if your CMS has this capability.

Grows with You

Choosing a CMS should not be a short-term decision, so it needs to scale with your growth and complexity of your organization.

Fast, Reliable & Secure

The foundation of your website needs to be rock solid and built on a platform with hosting that supports and cares about your website speed, stability and security. You’ll want to evaluate the following:

  • How fast websites load that are built on the CMS – the best way is to use Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool
  • Use of two-factor authentication as a default to reduce the risk of hacking
  • Use of a web application firewall for added security
  • Whether they guarantee 99.999% uptime, from any location across the globe

Innovaxis CMS Recommendations

Simply put, HubSpot CMS checks the most boxes for our clients. WordPress, when hosted by WP Engine, is the next best option. No other options come close and we’ve used Joomla, Drupal, GoDaddy, Magento, Ruby on Rails, Shopify, Sitecore, Squarespace, Typo3, Umbraco, Wix, and more.

Contact us to learn more about HubSpot and WordPress CMS