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How to #Fail at B2B Marketing: The Only E-Book You Will Ever Read, Possibly

- March 9, 2021 12:30 pm

Innovaxis #Fail at B2B Marketing e-book cover, hand pushing over wooden blocks

Math: 80% of businesses fail 100% of the time.

While it may seem easy, failing at business-to-business (B2B) marketing requires more than just math. It takes a delicate blend of poor judgment and a robust lack of strategy.

But don’t worry. While the internet is crawling with so-called experts spewing complicated strategies for organic, gluten-free lead generation and viral cat videos, we’re here to make it easy.

Our brave new e-book, How to #Fail at B2B Marketing, provides the insights you need for no-results marketing that will tank your sales efforts faster than you can say “where did the leads go?”

The best part? Everything Some things in this guide may have been inspired by true events and a few mishaps we’ve encountered along the way.

So, e-buckle up and get started learning how you can…

Achieve B2B Marketing Results Worse than No Marketing at All

We’ll take you through eight areas of opportunity for B2B marketing failure:

  1. Strategery
  2. Website Dev Ops Stuff
  3. Content-free Marketing
  4. Search and Rescue Optimization
  5. Google Ad-libs
  6. Email Champagnes
  7. Antisocial Media Marketing
  8. Product Miss-management

Anybody can make a mistake, as they say – but to truly pull off a Holistic Marketing Mishap™, you’ll need to do more.

Our principles are built on the foundation of every great marketing strategy, a.k.a. the “four Ps”: Pretend, Panic, Plagiarize and Phone a Friend.

With these building blocks as your guide, you can leverage past mistakes to optimize future opportunities for failure. Throw quality control out the door and learn how to price your way to bankruptcy, repel potential customers, craft cringe-worthy blogs, and drive your search results through the floor.

Get Started Now!

Of course, if you’d rather be #winning at B2B marketing, the Innovaxis team can help. We’ve seen it all when it comes to terrible strategies and womp-womp marketing efforts. With the proverbial “decades of experience” in B2B marketing, we know stuff that can actually work.

Ready to get less from your B2B marketing efforts? Or more?