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Marketing for Distributors: 3 Examples of 40% Revenue Growth

- August 18, 2023 10:00 am

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Some of the most successful distributors and rep firms work closely with their customers in a consultative relationship built on expertise and trust.

That kind of credibility can deliver a steady flow of repeat business and referrals, but it’s not enough to ensure the kind of growth that can be achieved with the right B2B marketing. The right B2B marketing strategy can fuel double-digit revenue growth.

When you work with a B2B-focused marketing partner experienced in working with distributors, manufacturers, and who understands your business, you can reap a blue ocean of new opportunities to market the value of the solutions and expertise you provide – and grow the value of your business.

You go the extra mile to ensure that your customers get what they need to solve problems and grow their businesses. You deserve a marketing strategy that does the same for you from strategy through implementation.

Marketing Results for Distributors

The Innovaxis client list has included numerous distributors in our 16 year history and has deep industry experience as well. We target a 300% ROI on your investment with us within the first 18 months.

Most recently, we’ve helped two distributor clients and a rep firm client that is evolving into a distributor with our help, exceed  that goal, with ecommerce sales growth of 40%+ each in markets where their competitors are struggling.

Injection Molding & Material Handling Supply Distributor

Our work with an innovative distributor of hoses, manifolds and other supplies boosted sales by 40% year over year, over a two-year period. So far.

It began with a marketing audit and a list of recommendations for optimizing the website and getting the client’s story out to a wider audience.

While the business owner had built a solid enterprise while also managing his own website and Google Ads pay-per-click campaigns, he didn’t have the time or expertise to take his marketing to the next level. With business growing as the result of medical industry demand, he decided it was time to invest in a professional marketing partner and position the business to tackle bigger opportunities.

Innovaxis achieved the following in just over two years:

The effort created new demand for the company’s custom manifolds and continues to drive significant growth in leads and sales.

Material Testing Instrument Distributor

A family-owned distributor of material testing tools had done a good job growing their business but wanted help taking advantage of opportunities that would take the business to the next level.

The immediate need was to launch a revolutionary new digital measurement system and ensure the website was pulling in the right traffic.

Innovaxis achieved the following in the first six months:

The result: 40% ecommerce sales increase and 20% overall sales increase despite supply chain challenges.

Hydronics Rep Firm

A trusted manufacturer’s rep of commercial pumps and boilers saw an opportunity to implement ecommerce to sell products they stock for local mechanical contractors and an innovative pipe sealing system to contractors all over the country. This is a key part of their strategy to double their business in the next five years.

Innovaxis achieved the following within the first 12 months:

The result: generation of over $100,000 in ecommerce revenue in the first year and overall revenue growth of 20%.

Start with a B2B Marketing Audit

The Innovaxis marketing audit is a great place to start. It’s a deep dive into your website, your content and digital marketing, and your inbound and outbound marketing. We will evaluate what is working, what isn’t and how your marketing can drive double-digit sales growth.

The audit includes an executive summary, 15-20 pages of findings and recommendations that, once prioritized by you, will be your marketing plan for the next 12 months and beyond.

Let Marketing Fuel Your Growth

Don’t settle for lackluster growth built around price or brand competition or a limited model of direct sales. With the right marketing strategy, digital marketing and ecommerce, and the right marketing partner, marketing can fuel your growth and overall business value.