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New Book: Battling the “Business Tsunami”

- March 2, 2012 5:39 am

front-line-heroesHave you ever noticed that most business books talk about what other companies did to succeed and not about how to do it?

In his new book, “Front Line Heroes: How to Battle the Business Tsunami by Developing Performance Oriented Cultures,” teambuilding champion and strategic business planning guru Bruce Hodes gives companies like mine insights into how to grow despite the economic turbulence surrounding us.

From Bruce: “I grew my business in the world of, ‘A rising tide floats all boats.’ If you positioned your company or organization correctly, it would grow. While technological advancements, globalization, and competition presented real challenges, they do not compare to the business headwinds blowing today. If you are intent on fighting these headwinds—or perhaps even using them to your benefit—this book is for you.

“Despite the media rhetoric, there is opportunity in these times for sustainable business growth. I see it every day. If you’re ready to give up playing a victim to the times, read on…”

What are you waiting for?

Pick yourself up an autographed copy of Front Line Heroes here