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The Stock Market Is Booming, So Why Isn’t Your Business?

- November 7, 2017 4:49 am

The Stock Market Is Booming, So Why Isn’t Your Business?

The stock market is at all-time highs. The economy is in the seventh year of expansion since the Great Recession. Big business has never been more
profitable, even before proposed cuts to lower the corporate tax rate.

So why aren’t small and mid-sized businesses growing at the same rate? Why is it so difficult to generate new business? How can SMBs compete against
big business?

If the answers were clear, SMBs would be growing along with the rest of the economy. Instead, they suffer from many hidden barriers to growth. One
of the most common, and most damaging, is a misalignment between sales and marketing.

Buyerlytics Plus is the product of 30 years of combined sales and marketing best practice experience between Innovaxis and Infinity, and provides SMBs
what no other company can: alignment between sales and marketing and the first step to 10X sales growth.

What Is Buyerlytics Plus?

Buyerlytics Plus is a sales and marketing managed service that will enable SMBs to achieve:

  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Sales best practices
  • Marketing best practices
  • 10X sales growth

Buyerlytics Plus works to correct the gaps identified by the Buyerlytics Insights assessment – the first step for interested SMBs.

The Business Case

Innovaxis President Sean Parnell says misalignment between a company’s sales and marketing functions can keep profits suppressed even as economic recovery
creates new opportunities and heightened demand.

“Profit-killing sales and marketing alignment gaps can hide behind otherwise favorable indicators, like a few profitable clients or a flurry of leads,”
Parnell said.

“For the past 10 years, we’ve successfully increased lead generation and established industry thought leadership for our clients. But we can drive
a much higher ROI on marketing if sales is aligned tightly with marketing. Buyerlytics Plus is the only third-party solution that achieves this.”

Infinity Director of Marketing & Partnerships Janet Krenn says the companies’ combined approach is key. “Our strategic partnership with Innovaxis
reflects what we both believe is a critical approach to substantially growing revenues and profitability in a hyper-competitive business climate,”
she said.

“At Infinity, we have more than 20 years’ experience in implementing high-performance B2B sales and retention campaigns. Our inside sales expertise,
Buyerlytics methodology and sales execution – from initial sale through customer retention – have consistently helped our clients reach and exceed
their sales goals.”

New Whitepaper Available

To learn more about how misalignment stalls the growth of companies that should be thriving, download the whitepaper: 5 Symptoms of Profit-Killing Alignment Gaps Between Your Sales & Marketing.