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Clutch Names Innovaxis a “Game Changing” Branding Agency

- August 9, 2023 10:10 am

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Many things go into the process of building a successful brand.

Some companies spend millions of dollars to find their “brand,” but it takes more than money to get it right. It’s a process that requires a well-honed brand story process and an experienced partner that can communicate the value your brand has for your target markets.

At Innovaxis, we have 15 years of experience helping B2B clients build their brand messaging with customized digital marketing strategies that also build sustainable, double-digit growth.

That takes more than a color scheme and a new logo. Our marketing program works to align B2B sales and marketing efforts around a central brand story that will resonate with target markets, drive demand and convert leads into sales. That’s how we measure success.

And the Award Goes to… Our Clients

Still, it’s always nice when people notice, and we’re proud to announce that Clutch has named us one of Chicago’s game-changing Branding Agencies. Of course, we really have our clients to thank. It’s their reviews that have earned us this designation.

Clutch is a Washington D.C.-based review platform where client reviews have also led to our being named one of the top marketing agencies in Chicago.

But maybe we should just let some of our clients do the talking. Here is a sample of the reviews left for us on Clutch:

“Innovaxis Marketing demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry, allowing them to develop highly targeted campaigns that generated tangible results. What also impressed me was their unwavering commitment to understanding our unique business challenges and tailoring their strategies accordingly.

Their team took the time to thoroughly analyze our target market, competition, and industry landscape, allowing them to develop a highly customized marketing approach.”

  –Marketing Manager of a staffing and timekeeping software vendor

“They started out with a 2-day live, in-person meeting to discuss our needs, From short-term to long-term goals, understanding where we had been, mistakes made, and where ultimately we wanted to go. Their listening and comprehension, along with their creativity and humility, made them a pleasure to work with.”

  –VP of Sales & Marketing of a document management software vendor

Turn Your Marketing into Sustainable Sales and Double-Digit Growth

Visit our page on Clutch to read more. And if you need B2B branding, strategy consulting, agency services, and marketing automation technology, you can learn more by contacting our team.