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#fail: How to Create Google Pay-Per-Click Campaigns that Pay Off … for Google

- July 18, 2020 7:22 pm

How to Fail at Google Ads Campaigns

A whopping 90% of internet search traffic takes place through the magic of Google, a company so ambitious that it named itself for a mathematical concept that means a number so big we don’t have time to explain it to you.

But that’s no reason not to trust them to help you play the world’s most popular pay-per-click competition, The Game of Google Ads.

This wild bidding war is perfect for the marketer looking to spend as much time and money as possible for results that are as predictable as ripening avocados.

Will your ad strike the right note at the right time with the ripe prospects? Or will you end up having to make salsa instead?

And Your Budget is Toast

The Perfect Avacado

One thing that is certain: the more you have to spend on avocados, the better it is for the avocado sellers.

In other words, if you want your guacamole to show up in one of those coveted “above-the-scroll” spots, Google will happily $how you how to do it: all you have to do is spend more money than everyone else who wants the same thing. Then they’ll have to spend more than you, and so will you, and so on, and so on… while Sergey Brin laughs, maniacally.

Here’s how you can blow the budget on your way to guaranteed somewhat likely entirely possible and super expensive results:

Step 1: Keyword Research

  • Trust your gut in determining what search terms prospects are using to find your business – research takes a lot of time and time is all the money in the world, as they like to say around the Google campus.
  • Don’t worry about keyword matching. If your prospects don’t know exactly what they’re looking for, they’re never going to appreciate all the effort you put into coming up with the right terms. Or whatever terms you’re using.

Google Ad Optimization

  • Forget about negative keywords – that sounds like paying for words you’re not using.
  • Use duplicate keywords for extra extra oomph! The more keywords, the more you’ll pay.

Step 2:  Crafting Your Ad

  • Don’t worry about completing all information fields. Keep your prospects guessing to create a sense of mystery. Use a salesy tagline to make your pitch stand out: WORLD’S Best Guacamole!
  • Creating a landing page is a lot of work, so why bother? Use extensions to link to the SAME page multiple times.
  • If Google suggests a graphic ad, pay up! Nobody doesn’t love a flashy search ad.

Step 3: Figuring Out Who Will See Your Ad

Google Ad Audience

  • Targeting your audience narrows the pool of prospects by demographic, location, or other distinct characteristics. Why limit your reach just to people who are likely to want what you are selling? Send your ad out into the world and the world will send you the life of your dreams using the timeless principles of… Google.
  • Use both affiliate and display network ads to run up your costs with no guarantee of added results.
  • Don’t get bogged down in trying to determine whether your audience is on their phones or on their laptops. It’s not like there are two separate internets. Sheesh.

Step 4: Bidding on Keywords

Bidding on Keywords

  • Google’s auto bidding help will save you the trouble of figuring out how much to spend. Google: Perhaps we can show you something in a “similar cost”? 
  • Or, manage bidding on your own, but save time by not reviewing the ad’s performance. It might be working.

Hot tip: Keep as many ‘default’ options as possible. Who knows Google Ads better than Google?

Step 5: Launching Your Ad

  • Don’t worry about A/B or split testing. This is a waste of time, assuming your ad is already perfect. It could be.
  • If Google gives you a “low-quality” score, you’re probably not spending enough. Just ask Google.

Step 6: Monitoring the Results

  • Google’s Smart Ads take all the work out of monitoring your campaign or having to decide to spend more. Google’s got your back. And your bank account.
  • Apply every suggestion Google has for you. Spend more and boost your optimization, which sounds important.
  • Impressions are everything, just like your mother told you. Keep it simple and don’t stress over CTRs, conversions and other metrics that are just a way of gauging if your ad is doing anything for your business.

The Secret to Google Ad Results that Pay Off for You

Secret to High Google Ad Results
There is another way, of course, but it’s way more cost-effective, so if you’re worried that you’re not spending enough, stick to the advice above.

But if you want more results with less spending, Innovaxis can show you how turn Google Ads into something we like to call “actual lead generation.”

Our team has deep expertise in designing ad strategies that get results.