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Harnessing Speed & Effectiveness: Agile Marketing with Innovaxis

- August 14, 2023 11:15 am

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Effective marketing strategy, website development, and content creation do not have to take months. Many erroneously believe that’s what it takes because that’s what they’re used to, but there is a better, faster way.

Marketing agility isn’t just about working fast, it’s about creating and capturing demand generation to drive sales and increase business valuation – efficiently. This requires a team that works collaboratively, breaking down silos, and providing quick turnaround on strategy, content and digital marketing deliverables without sacrificing quality.

At Innovaxis, we pride ourselves on helping clients achieve amazing results, quickly, with a marketing approach that is collaborative, detail-oriented, disciplined, and accountable – allowing us to deliver faster than our clients ever thought possible without compromising quality.

The Brand Story Workshop: Agility in Action

The cornerstone of our agile process is our Brand Story Workshop. This is not just a kick-off meeting; it’s a comprehensive, day-long deep dive into your business that helps us uncover the core value you provide to your served markets. We delve into the details of the problems you solve, how you do it, what differentiates you, and what you offer that no one else does – that, if your served (and unserved) markets knew about would make the competition irrelevant. This session is not only about understanding your business but what makes you tick.

We strive to understand the nuances of your business model, your competitive landscape, buyer and influencer personas during this workshop. We facilitate open-ended discussions, brainstorming sessions, and in-depth analysis to identify your unique selling propositions and to craft a compelling narrative around them.

The output of this workshop becomes the foundational content for your marketing efforts, but it doesn’t stop there. The brand story that emerges from this workshop is so robust and rich in detail that it can be repurposed across various platforms – from video scripts and email campaign content to brochure and home page messaging.

Our Fast-Track to Success: A Case Study

Recently, we worked with a manufacturer of foundry automation equipment that wanted to overhaul their marketing prior to a trade show that was less than two months away. Following our brand story workshop kick-off meeting, we developed:

  • Foundational, brand story messaging of who they serve, problems they solve, how they do it (beyond just the product they manufacture and including the expertise of their people and their proprietary processes), and what gives them credibility so prospects can trust them
  • Brand story video
  • 4-page brochure
  • Implementation of Zoho and development of their first email campaign
  • With feedback from the show incorporated, the new website was launched two weeks afterwards

This wasn’t just about design, but building a solid foundation with impactful messaging that will help create and capture demand for years to come, increasing the overall value of the business.

What Makes the Innovaxis Process Agile

The process begins with a focus on strategy then content development then design. Developing core messaging in this way is the foundation of everything that follows. Many other marketing agencies take a design-first approach and use placeholder content that you fill in or is written by one of their team members that may not have a deep understanding of your business.

“Agility is one of our differentiators that stems from our previous experience working for large corporations, adhering to the agile framework and continuous improvement (kaizen), and using lean methodology,” noted Sean Parnell, President of Innovaxis. “We do things 10 times faster than any marketing company we’ve encountered, while driving double digit gains in lead generation and sales for our clients.”

Agility in Action: Adapting to Evolving Needs

Innovaxis marketing agility goes beyond project completion. As our clients evolve and we learn more about their business and industry, we update the strategy and repurpose content to keep it fresh and relevant. This ensures that your website content, blogs, videos, guides, and other thought leadership are not just one-off projects but living entities that grow with your business.

At Innovaxis, we believe that speed and quality are not mutually exclusive. Our agile process, centered around our brand story workshop and centered in both agile and lean methodology, enables us to deliver high-quality marketing assets quickly. But don’t just take our word for it – experience it for yourself. Join us for a brand story workshop or request an audit, and see the Innovaxis difference firsthand.

Remember: it’s not just about getting the job done, it’s about doing it well, doing it fast, and doing it in a way that generates demand, leads, sales, and grows the value of your business. That’s the Innovaxis Way.