Case Study: ECM Integrator, BPO & Software Developer

Executive Summary

To accelerate their organic sales growth, an ECM integrator, business process outsourcing (BPO) provider and software developer commissioned needed help to increase lead generation and increase thought leadership in key vertical markets to fuel the company’s organic revenue generation.

The ECM company chose a custom marketing program from Innovaxis not only because of our commitment to generating results, creating strengths across all Four Ps of Marketing to drive the Fifth P: Profit, but also because of our extensive marketing experience in the enterprise content management (ECM) industry—over 20 years, serving over 50 clients.


The following was achieved by working together over the first 15 months of our engagement:

  • Organic search traffic jumped 280% because of keyword ranking increases resulting from the creation of weekly blog posts and other new web content
  • All new content was leveraged with search engine optimization (SEO) and social media
  • AdWords campaigns were created in multiple geographic markets to supplement organic lead generation
  • Weekly in-bound calls jumped 800% to 1,000%
  • $500,000 in additional revenue was converted from inbound web and phone leads
  • 1,000% ROI was generated
  • A new corporate brand identity was created
  • The corporate website was redeveloped that leveraged the new branding while including new content and SEO
  • A second website was developed with all new content to sell the company’s new line of software
  • Monthly email campaigns were launched to further stimulate lead generation and attendance at events

Marketing Solutions

The project began with the development of comprehensive and holistic marketing plan that identified the right progression of marketing to deliver maximum organic sales growth based on their limited budget.

Initial, foundational steps included developing a new logo and brand identity, then applying it to a newly designed website complete with new content and optimized for search engine optimization (SEO).

An influx of inbound leads were then generated from the new website combined with the ongoing content marketing leveraged with SEO, Google AdWords, PR and social media. Email campaigns fueled by whitepapers and case studies generated even more leads when combined with the ECM company’s outbound calling effort.

Client Testimonial

“The main goal was to enhance our marketing experience and enhance our marketing department. We wanted to reach potential customers through search engine optimization since this is a key lead generation channel. We wanted to have an online marketing plan on an ongoing basis, to improve our website and search engine results.

“We now receive 8-10 calls per week as opposed to one per week before the engagement. We also have better results from sales calls resulting from email campaigns and data sheets provided by Innovaxis. I really like their focus. They’re professional as well as personable—more of a partner than a vendor—and they produced a positive outcome for us.

“I like their customer service and their focus. They are professional to work with. They’re also very personable, I enjoy having general conversations with them and they have produced a positive output. They’re a good company. You feel like they’re a partner and not just a vendor.”


About Innovaxis Marketing

Founded in January 2007, Innovaxis Marketing works with business owners and marketing executives that are frustrated with the results generated by their business-to-business (B2B) marketing efforts.

The mission of Innovaxis is to accelerate your sales growth with our B2B Ignite! Program, coupling both strategic marketing planning and marketing managed services. B2B Ignite! typically pays for itself in the first 9-18 months, with an ROI over 300% in the first 2-3 years, which is generated by aligning your sales and marketing teams, increasing lead generation and converting more leads into sales.

B2B Ignite! covers all Four Ps of Marketing that drive the Fifth P: Profit – other marketing companies only focus on marketing communications while ignoring product management, channel marketing and value-based pricing, and they usually operate on a piecemeal basis, generating piecemeal results.

Innovaxis Marketing clients see value in taking a strategic and holistic B2B marketing approach, understanding that marketing results come from an open and collaborative effort, and value Innovaxis being a strategic partner instead of a vendor.