Case Study: Work Uniform Provider

Executive Summary

Refreshing a decades-old brand is a marketing challenge best left to the experts, even when the brand is part of a solid and well-established enterprise. Lead generation is even harder when you compete with Cisco, Aramark and Unifirst – all billion dollar, publicly held companies.

As part of a campaign to refresh its brand identity, the work uniform provider redesigned its logo and turned to Innovaxis Marketing’s B2B Ignite! program to leverage a campaign to generate new business and promote the company’s longstanding industry leadership.

From revitalizing the website and launching a search engine optimized content marketing program, to outbound efforts that established the company’s thought leadership and community involvement, Innovaxis has worked side-by-side with them to raise the profile and broaden the reach of this well-established company.


  • B2B Ignite! generated over $110,000 in sales from new customers over the first 12-months
  • An ROI of 230% was achieved in one year
  • This 5-year contract represents over $550,000 in new revenues
  • The total value of the 5-year contract indicates an ROI over 1,500%
  • The website was migrated to a more versatile platform, which improved publishing and tracking capabilities
  • Editorial calendars and subject matter guidelines were introduced to improve the quality and consistency of content

Marketing Solutions

The new plan created by Innovaxis built on the company’s previous marketing efforts with a more targeted approach across multiple channels. One outbound strategy targeted other family-owned businesses in the Chicago area with an appeal based on shared values and history. This required intensive in-person and telephone networking by the sales team, supported by family business-oriented direct mail campaigns, trade show participation and email campaigns.

In addition to the vertical-focused outbound approach, website conversions were boosted with the addition of strategic calls-to-action and an improved system of tracking inbound traffic.

A strategy for keeping content fresh and original included collaboration around an editorial calendar and the use of the Innovaxis team of professional copywriters. Content is developed around industry thought leadership and carefully researched search terms to ensure that content is relevant and engaging to prospective clients.

Earlier this year, the work uniform company implemented a high-tech auto-sorting system to better track and organize garments. This innovation was highlighted across multiple social media channels, blog posts and press releases, focusing a well-earned spotlight on the client’s industry leading technology and commitment to continuous improvement.

Client Testimonial

“Innovaxis is very proactive and leads us in making sure we get things done. We do not have an internal marketing team – our investment in Innovaxis is money well spent. Traffic to our website has been good and Innovaxis remains very responsive.”

VP Sales

Looking Ahead

Innovaxis continues to support the work uniform company with lead generation and thought leadership efforts through 2018. In addition to the platforms already in use, a soon-to-be-launched video marketing series will bring added exposure. Expanded PR efforts and additional tools for obtaining high-quality links to the website will further leverage the company’s new client acquisition efforts.

About Innovaxis Marketing

Founded in January 2007, the mission of Innovaxis is to accelerate your sales growth with our B2B Ignite! Program, coupling both strategic marketing planning and marketing managed services. B2B Ignite! typically pays for itself in the first 9-18 months, with an ROI over 300% in the first 2-3 years, which is generated by aligning your sales and marketing teams, increasing lead generation and converting more leads into sales.