Case Study: Industrial Blasting Contractor
(735% ROI)

Executive Summary

An established industrial blasting contractor’s business contracted 30% in the first year of the pandemic and needed marketing support to not only get back on track but to fuel their growth for years to come.

While their website had generated some leads, their local marketing company didn’t understand their business. This was also reflected in poor quality content that took several months to create. To make matters worse, they were underutilizing their HubSpot and only had one generic contact form to capture leads, so they turned to Innovaxis for a custom B2B marketing program.


The following was generated over first two years of working together:

  • $1.2 million of sales revenue from new customers
  • 735% ROI in revenue dollars based on their total marketing investments
  • 182% increase in overall website traffic
  • 256% increase in organic website traffic
  • 358% increase in marketing leads


  • Implemented brand story messaging throughout the home page and the entire site, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, marketing collateral, and email campaigns to resonate powerfully with prospects
  • Migrated the WordPress website to WP Engine and implemented automated plugin and theme updates
  • Implemented a Google Ads campaign
  • Implemented a content marketing program that includes 34 blogs, 6 case studies, 2 articles published in industry trade magazines, and a guide
  • Tripled their lead generation conversion points
  • Ensured a successful WordPress WP Engine migration from MySQL 5.0 to 8.0

About Innovaxis Marketing

If you want to transform your website into a lead generation machine, increase ecommerce sales by 20-40%+, and fuel sustainable, double-digit sales growth, a custom B2B marketing program from Innovaxis could be right for you. Business owners and marketing leaders rely on Innovaxis to increase sales and generate a 300% ROI in the first 18 months by leveraging marketing strategy, agency services, and marketing automation – with Blue Ocean Strategy to make competition irrelevant. Innovaxis works with established small and midsized firms and offers special expertise for manufacturers, software vendors, distributors, integrators, and service providers. Get started with a marketing audit.