Case Study: Induction Heating Tool Manufacturer
(837% ROI)


  • Marketing ROI of 837%
  • Annual ecommerce sales increases of 15%+ (45% last year)
  • Website traffic growth of 163% from content marketing, SEO, Google Ads campaigns, and other digital marketing efforts

A Custom B2B Marketing Program

An induction heating tool company manufactures a line of induction heating tools for vehicle and equipment repair. At the time, the tools were sold through distributors, but their popularity with users suggested that the market had a long way to go.

The manufacturer’s marketing manager went looking for a marketing partner who could help. A previous partner’s cookie-cutter solutions had fallen short, but she had a hunch that Innovaxis could bring the right blend of expertise and a customized marketing program.

“Right away, Innovaxis understood what we wanted to accomplish,” the manager recalled. The company needed a marketing partner that could understand the industry nuances and technical details, but also one that could craft a customized strategy that would grow sales without alienating its channel partners.

A New Approach to Channel Marketing, Branding & More

Working closely alongside the marketing manager and marketing director, Innovaxis went to work and implemented the following:

  • Revising the company’s brand identity and creating a strategic, customer-centered brand story
  • Crafting a minimum advertised pricing (MAP) and international channel marketing strategy
  • Migrating the website from an outdated platform
  • Researching keywords and implementing comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Developing a content marketing program
  • Implementing e-commerce that paid for itself in two mnths
  • Researching new markets: agriculture, heavy duty and marine
  • Developing microsites targeting the new markets

A True Partnership

The marketing manager was particularly impressed by Innovaxis President Sean Parnell’s forensic approach to the relationship. “He really listened to what the issue was before he gave advice. He asked a lot of questions and worked hard to understand what we were trying to achieve,” she said.

“Working with Innovaxis enabled us to retain and grow our current partners,” said the marketing manager. “It’s a great partnership and we just kept adding more.”

“Innovaxis enabled us to retain and grow our current partners. There wasn’t a year we didn’t grow.” – Former Marketing Manager

The Innovaxis team complemented the company’s existing marketing efforts, filling in gaps where needed. “There were certain skill sets that I didn’t have,” said the manager. Among other strategies, she relied on Innovaxis to build out and manage a Google Ads program.

The partnership had many positive results, including feedback from the manufacturer’s distributors that was overwhelmingly positive, a revamp of the website, the creation of microsites and an ecommerce platform that paid for itself within two months.

“There wasn’t a year we didn’t grow,” said the marketing director. “Innovaxis allowed me to excel in my career. It’s a great relationship, and I trust the Innovaxis team to get things done.”

The marketing director has worked with a variety of marketing agencies over her 15 years in the manufacturing industry, but in her experience, Innovaxis provided an unmatched level of expertise.

“For content creation and marketing strategy, Innovaxis is one of the best,” said the director.

About Innovaxis

If you want to transform your website into a lead generation machine, increase ecommerce sales by 20-40%+, and fuel sustainable, double-digit sales growth, a custom B2B marketing program from Innovaxis could be right for you. Business owners and marketing leaders rely on Innovaxis to increase sales and generate a 300% ROI in the first 18 months by leveraging marketing strategy, agency services, and marketing automation – with Blue Ocean Strategy to make competition irrelevant. Innovaxis works with established small and midsized firms and offers special expertise for manufacturers, software vendors, distributors, integrators, and service providers. Get started with a marketing audit.