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The B2B Marketing Opportunity

- December 2, 2015 5:19 am

B2B Marketing Opportunity | Innovaxis Marketing Consulting

Aimless acts of marketing, neither strategic nor holistic, have cost companies selling business-to-business (B2B) millions in missed leads, revenue and profits – not to mention the cost of these failed marketing services.

Seeing the need for B2B marketing that generates results, we launched Innovaxis Marketing Consulting in January 2007. During the recession and subsequent (tepid) economic recovery, Innovaxis has increased client website traffic and lead generation by 300% on average. And it costs nothing because it usually pays for itself in 6-9 months, sometimes sooner. Here’s how…

Marketing = Macro Sales

We believe that the essence of marketing ultimately boils down to strategy and execution. Successful marketing makes it easy for you and your sales reps to get in front of new prospective clients and sell with a shorter sales cycle. An individual salesperson can only reach so many people in a day, whereas successful marketing can reach hundreds, thousands or more.

The Dangers of Prospect Self-Education

In B2B, your prospective channel partners and end-user customers are self-educating themselves primarily by searching the web and reacting to the few outbound marketing campaigns that resonate with them. If you’re not coming up in a Google search or getting our message out to prospective clients, you’re not part of the self-education process and prospects will likely work with someone else.

For our clients, we create compelling messaging for each target market by promoting your value proposition and differentiation. We also get you noticed with both inbound marketing (online searches, AdWords and selective advertising) and outbound marketing (campaigns, PR, social media).

The B2B Marketing Starting Point

Whatever your business, the starting point is always the same: strategy with a tailored marketing plan that identifies from all of the things you could do, what you should do – for each target market. A holistic marketing plan includes:

  • Input from both internal stakeholders and clients
  • Identification of sales and profitability goals over the next five years
  • Forecasting of potential sales per product and service category
  • Analysis of pricing, including an evaluation of cost-plus vs. market based pricing
  • The right marketing mix (inbound/outbound) to achieve sales goals per product and service
  • Website content strategy, SEO enhancements and editorial calendar
  • Campaign, PR and social goals

Effective Marketing = Increased Profits

What sets Innovaxis apart from other marketing companies (consultants and agencies) is our ability to successfully execute the strategic marketing plan utilizing both our team and whatever internal and external resources you have today. Our dedicated teams perform the following marketing execution:

Cognitive Commerce

Marketing experts predict 2016 will be the year of “cognitive commerce.” Here at Innovaxis, it’s always been about cognitive commerce and utilizing our deep insight into buying behavior of both your channel partners and end-user customers to cut through the digital noise with your messaging to generate leads, increase sales and, ultimately, maximize profitability. It’s not just promotion, but profit.

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