Case Study: Property Tax Appeal Service
(359% ROI)

Executive Summary

Lead stagnation is a frustrating side effect of the business cycle faced by most companies at some point.

A residential and commercial property tax appeal company came to Innovaxis Marketing with concerns about their struggle to produce new leads. They wanted a new marketing plan, improved user experience, and increased lead generation through multiple channels.

The property tax appeal company commissioned a custom marketing program from Innovaxis Marketing because of our extensive knowledge and experience with marketing strategy, website development, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).


  • Created a marketing plan with clear guidelines and ongoing tracking integrated into daily marketing and sales activities
  • Organic search traffic increased over 1,000% because of keyword ranking increases resulting from the creation of weekly blog posts and other new web content
  • All new content was leveraged with SEO and social media
  • Generated $200,000 in additional revenue for an ROI of 359%
  • Developed a referral request program along with a Facebook advertising campaign to drive additional leads

Marketing Solutions

The marketing plan was created collaboratively with Innovaxis to align both marketing and sales goals with a multi-channeled approach to lead generation. The plan blended inbound and outbound techniques to reach more targeted audiences. Expanded and SEO-optimized content on key web pages and overhauled corporate messaging enabled the company to better communicate the company’s win-win proposition for property owners.

Innovaxis redeveloped the website, which was migrated to a new content management platform for improved security and enhanced capabilities. Retooled content provides educational information about the rights of property owners to pursue assessment appeals, and client success stories that demonstrate the results of these appeals. The site also keeps visitors updated on Chicago-area property tax news.

While the user experience was addressed via navigation enhancements, optimizing the website’s content for SEO and promoting additional Facebook content worked to further strengthen online lead generation. Additionally, a referral request initiative was recommended to gauge interest from existing customers and their network. This was later successfully integrated into the long-term marketing plan.

In conjunction with inbound tactics executed on the web, Innovaxis upgraded the promotional copy and envelope design for the client’s ongoing direct mail campaign, which has almost doubled response rates.

Client Testimonials

“I appreciated that Innovaxis took the time to understand our business, meet with the sales guys, along with their ongoing follow-up to ensure the blog content and sales material remain effective. We also appreciate the initiative shown to bring new ideas to the table that can help build on our momentum.”

– Director of Operations

Looking Ahead

The tax appeal company continues to work with Innovaxis Marketing to maintain and update its strategy and content. A PR strategy has been launched by Innovaxis to drive even more traffic and lead generation, and AdWords, email campaigns and video development are being explored for further gains.

About Innovaxis Marketing

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