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Successful Marketing Requires a Deep Understanding of Your Business

- October 22, 2022 3:31 pm

The #1 reason marketing is ineffective is because your marketing resources lack a structured process and experienced people for understanding your business, rapidly and holistically

Successful Marketing Requires a Deep Understanding of Your Business

If you want to develop a great marketing strategy, just Google it. There are thousands of them, conveniently portioned into whatever size you’re looking for.

You want “5 Tips?” “Eight Steps”? How about “11 Strategies”? Can we show you something in a bigger size? Maybe “18 Ways” is more of what you’re looking for…?

They’re all there, along with ways to become a social media star, crush your competition, and dazzle your prospects with the latest in marketing automation tools.

If the search results are to be believed, marketing your business is the easiest thing ever. As long as you buy the right technology, Tweet like crazy, and get on TikTok you’re on the fast track to… something.

They’re not all terrible ideas. But what do they have to do with your business?

A Strategic Approach vs. “Random Acts of Marketing”

Crafting a B2B marketing strategy that increases thought leadership, demand generation, and customer acquisition – and revenues by double-digits – requires experienced people, a structured process, and flexibility to change it over time. It’s not – to borrow a term one prospect used to describe his frustration with another marketing company – “random acts of marketing.” Random marketing = random results.

At Innovaxis, there’s nothing random about our strategy. We have a battle-tested process for understanding your business. And we don’t stop there. We have a system learning your customers’ and prospects’ businesses too.

It’s not enough for a marketing partner to know what you do and how you think you’re differentiated from competitors. The key to effective B2B marketing is understanding what problems you solve for your target audience and why you’re the best equipped to do so. You and your marketing partner need to understand:

  • What keeps your prospects up at night?
  • What causes them to search for your solutions?
  • How do they select a provider?
  • What does success look like for them?
  • For all of the above, it’s critical to go deeper than what lies on the surface

These are critical elements of your buyers’ journey.

Understand & Articulate Your Role as a Guide

If that sounds like a research project, you’re not far off. The Innovaxis team rapidly learns your story starting with the Innovaxis brand story workshop – created to surface the key elements of your story and leverage our market research background.

Starting with the brand story workshop, we ask a lot of questions. We might interview your customers, sales reps, and partners. We get to know your subject matter experts. We develop a thorough understanding of your served markets, customers, solutions, problems you solve, competitors, pre- and post-sale processes. We look at marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) to see what’s working and what isn’t. We develop a digital and content marketing strategy tailored to reach the right audience with the right message.

It’s a process that starts with the brand story workshop and continues throughout our custom marketing programs. We launch, measure, analyze, adjust, and repeat until we see the desired results. Regular client meetings and subject matter expert interviews enable us to create blog posts, articles, case studies, whitepapers, guides, press releases, emails, digital ads, and more that demonstrate thought leadership to our target markets, written in a way that resonates with them. It’s a lot of content, but we don’t measure our efforts by the number of words; we measure success by double-digit increases in leads and sales.

Why Clients Rely on Innovaxis for Double-Digit Growth

It’s a targeted approach that requires many different skills—at least 16 by our count. “Marketing” doesn’t really begin to cover the range of talent and tools the Innovaxis team brings to the effort: we’re experienced market researchers, product managers, writers and journalists, brand storytellers, website developers, and digital marketing experts.

If that sounds like more than you’d expect from a marketing partner, maybe it’s time you started expecting more.

To learn more about what a custom B2B marketing strategy and program could do for your business, contact us to explore the possibilities of a marketing audit or brand story workshop.