Case Study: Injection Molding Distributor
(81% ROI)

Executive Summary

A distributor of supplies for the plastics industry that also manufactures custom manifolds needed help to grow. Sales had been flat to declining leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic but demand for injection molding for the medical industry gave a boost to sales and the owner wanted to reinvest some of that growth into strengthening their digital marketing and to upgrade a 12-year-old ecommerce website built with Ruby on Rails – Ruby had gone off the rails and it was only a matter of time before the website went down for good.

As is customary for creating the most effective custom marketing program, Innovaxis started with a marketing audit. Recommendations from the audit were then prioritized and become their marketing plan.

The crux of the plan included search engine optimization (SEO) of the top 20% of the website’s pages, creating a content marketing program, redeveloping the ecommerce site on WordPress with WooCommerce, and implementing HubSpot CRM, Marketing Professional and Sales Professional.

The result: a 34% increase in organic search traffic and also a 34% increase in ecommerce sales increase, which translated into an additional $1m in revenue and a marketing ROI of 81% – including the cost of developing and launching both the new website and HubSpot and despite supply chain issues and challenging macroeconomics.


The following was generated over first two years of working together:

  • 34% increase in ecommerce sales
  • 36% increase in sales in the first year
  • 34% increase in organic traffic
  • 150 primary keyword phrases increased, the vast majority of which are now in the top 10 nationally
  • 81% ROI based on overall sales


Innovaxis crafted a marketing strategy and executed a custom B2B marketing program that included the following deliverables:

  • Rebuilt the website and ecommerce store on WordPress with WooCommerce
  • Leveraged brand story messaging to overhaul the distributor’s foundational messaging
  • Implemented HubSpot CRM, Marketing Professional, and Sales Professional
  • Conducted extensive keyword research and optimized the website for search (SEO)
  • Optimized their Google Ads campaigns and implemented Google Shopping
  • Implemented a content marketing program that includes numerous new foundational web pages, 32 blogs, 20 email campaigns, 2 case studies, and 2 guides
  • Redesigned all ads used in trade magazines

Your B2B Marketing Partner

In a world where marketing agencies overpromise and underdeliver, Innovaxis stands out with its dedication, expertise, and results-oriented approach tailored specifically for manufacturers. Contact us to learn how your marketing can fuel your growth and what a marketing audit could do for you.

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