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Why SEO?

- April 7, 2020 2:21 pm

B2B Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Before you jump into the bottomless pool of opinion on how to do B2B search engine optimization (SEO), it’s important to consider an often-overlooked question in the overheated debate around SEO strategy: Why do it? What is the underlying goal?

SEO is perhaps the single most misunderstood factor around the process of creating a B2B website in the hope of converting visitors into customers: if you don’t have high-quality content aligned to a sales and marketing strategy, an SEO strategy is worthless.

The Whole Point

Strange but true – SEO efforts often overlook the fundamental purpose behind the whole exercise: delivering information to a target audience in a way that will prompt them to buy what you’re selling.

A strategy that delivers a bigger audience to a website that has nothing to say is not a strategy at all. Neither is SEO that delivers the wrong audience to the right message. Increasingly in fact, such efforts are not only ineffective as marketing, but they’re also out of sync with Google’s algorithm, which is regularly updated in an effort to give more weight to high-quality content that matches what a searcher is trying to find.

How to Maximize B2B SEO Effectiveness

Our B2B SEO whitepaper leverages our Google SEO experience dating back to 2003, and introduces you to the best practices for getting the search engine respect you need – aligned to a B2B sales and marketing strategy and a clearly identified prospect audience.

We’ll show you how to tailor and structure website content to reach the right B2B prospects. We’ll reveal how, despite the fact that Google keeps its core algorithms under wraps, many of the ranking factors are accessible and can be leveraged by combining high-quality content with analytics and a structural foundation aligned to the factors influencing search results. We’ll show you how to create quality, high-performing content that brings the right visitors to your site and keeps them there.

And hopefully, we’ll help you avoid repeating the mistakes of so many companies who launch their websites with high expectations and all the right graphics, but all the wrong strategies.