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Top 10 Reasons Not to Hire a Web Design Agency

Sean Parnell - Tuesday, November 06, 2012
  1. Web Designers: Just Say NoThey think in terms of web design instead of website development
  2. They understand design, not your business
  3. They know consumer marketing, not B2B—this explains all the "branding" talk
  4. They expect you to do the heavy lifting by supplying written content
  5. You're the one paying for their foosball table and designer eyewear
  6. The partner you meet will hand off your project to an intern
  7. They will develop your site in Flash
  8. They will give you a website that looks nice but doesn't generate leads
  9. They sell web design to everyone, whether you need it or not
  10. They don't know what it's like to be you

Hire Innovaxis Instead

  1. We understand that website development is content strategy, design, content authoring, and SEO
  2. Our clients always say the same thing: "We've never worked with an agency that understood our business"
  3. We are marketing consultants with special expertise in business-to-business marketing, and we understand how website development generates new business
  4. Our team of published writers, all of whom have written about B2B marketing and technology, proactively generates content and SEO for your site
  5. We keep our overhead low so that all of our services are cost-effective
  6. All of our projects directly involve our senior management team—we've worked on over 200 sites in dozens of industries
  7. Flash websites cannot be viewed on the iPhone, iPad or be indexed by Google, and are expensive to create and update; we use Apple/Google-friendly scripts and HTML 5 for cool features
  8. Our clients are amazed at how quickly their new site generates leads and the Fifth P: Profit
  9. The dirty little secret: you may not need a new web design, but everyone needs more content and SEO to attract prospective new clients
  10. We've been in your shoes: we've commissioned websites as clients in our former roles and know what it's like to work with people that don't understand your business

We've worked with several 3rd-party web designers. These projects were expensive and failed to generate results: leads, new business and profit. The designs were nice but they lacked substance: written content and SEO.

Since then, we hired our own creative director and design team. Together with our team of professional, published writers with extensive B2B and technology, they work together with our management team and experienced marketing consultants to develop cost-effective websites that look great and generate leads.

And, after your site is launched, we'll proactively ensure that it's updated and keeps climbing higher in Google and Bing search engine rankings.

We would like you to consider working with us on your website development project. Contact us today.